Anglican Church Southern Queensland Takes a Significant Step Towards Healing: An Apology to the LGBTIQA+ Community

A committee has been formed by Diocesan Council to work in consultation with LGBTIQA+ people to develop a Diocesan apology. Committee members include The Very Rev'd Dr Peter Catt (Chair), The Rev’d Deb Bird, The Ven. Geoff Hoyte, The Rev’d Dr Margaret Wesley, The Rev’d David Ruthven and Dr Nadine Garraway. A listening process is subsequently being initiated by the Committee," (The Very Rev'd Dr Peter Catt outside St John's Cathedral in December 2023) Source:

In a groundbreaking move towards reconciliation and understanding, the Anglican Church Southern Queensland is extending an invitation to LGBTIQA+ individuals, along with their family members and loved ones, to share their experiences within the Church's parishes, schools, and institutions. This initiative is part of a consultation process aimed at developing a Diocesan apology for the harm caused by the Anglican Church Southern Queensland's treatment of the LGBTIQA+ community.

The Very Rev'd Dr Peter Catt, Chair of the committee leading this effort, expressed the Church's commitment to acknowledging past wrongs and fostering an environment of inclusivity and acceptance. The article elaborates on the steps taken and provides details on how individuals can actively contribute to this crucial dialogue.

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The Apology Development Committee:
The article introduces the key members of the Apology Development Committee, including The Very Rev'd Dr Peter Catt, The Rev’d Deb Bird, The Ven. Geoff Hoyte, The Rev’d Dr Margaret Wesley, The Rev’d David Ruthven, and Dr Nadine Garraway. Their role is to engage in a meaningful consultation process with the LGBTIQA+ community to formulate a sincere and impactful apology.

Initiating the Listening Process:
Last year, during the Diocese’s Synod, a motion was passed acknowledging the Church's contribution to trauma within the LGBTIQA+ community. A formal process was initiated to prepare a heartfelt apology, recognizing the harm caused and affirming support for those affected. The Committee is now embarking on a listening process, reaching out to individuals who wish to share their experiences.

An Invitation to Share Your Voice:
The article emphasizes the importance of hearing directly from the LGBTIQA+ community and their loved ones. Opportunities to engage with the Committee include one-on-one meetings, group discussions, or providing a written response, which can be anonymous if preferred. The goal is to ensure that every voice is heard, and the Committee is committed to accommodating all who wish to share their experiences.

How to Participate:
The article provides clear instructions on how individuals can participate in the consultation process. Options include scheduling one-on-one or group meetings, submitting a written response, or contacting the Committee for more information. The Committee aims to finalize the text of the apology and a comprehensive report for presentation at the Diocese’s Synod in June 2024.

Our thoughts?
As the Anglican Church Southern Queensland takes this significant step towards reconciliation and healing, the LGBTIQA+ community is encouraged to actively participate in shaping the apology. By sharing their experiences, individuals contribute to a more inclusive and compassionate future within the Church. This initiative reflects a commitment to acknowledging past wrongs, fostering understanding, and building a more inclusive faith community for all.